The 'Sippi Sippin' Coffee Story

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'Sippi Sippin' Coffee


‘Sippi Sippin’ Coffee and it’s owners, James and Linda Maxey, proudly hold the honor of winning “The Pitch” 2019 Small Business Plan Competition. The Maxey’s have recently relocated back to Tupelo, James’ hometown, and look forward to giving back in any way they can.

“We have lots of plans and ideas that we’re really excited to implement as a way to give back to Tupelo”, says James. “We’re offering discounts for military, senior citizens and first responders, unique menu items and more ”.

Linda's family is in the coffee business in Florida. "They're in the process of opening their 2nd and 3rd locations right now. They've been hugely successful, but more importantly, they love what they do. That's what we're looking for... loving what we do, helping the great people of Tupelo, and having fun!"